James Bac Dang

Fort Worth, TX




Well-Educated in Business, Math, Technology, and Science

James is an accomplished professional in the academic realm. He first got his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Nong Lam (Polytechnic Thu Duc) University in Vietnam. Since then, he has amassed more knowledge in business administration, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, engineering physics, management information systems, information security, and big data & analytics from Oklahoma City University, University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma Christian University, University of Oklahoma, Champlain College, Keller Graduate School of Management, and California Southern University.

Renowned Communications

Consult a renowned communications expert for a central switching system. James Bac Dang is an established professor in Arlington, TX. He can provide counsel on various matters that involve computer science, cybersecurity, data analytics, physics, and mathematics.

Dedicated to Serving the Community

James is committed to giving back to the community by engaging in various community services. He has been involved in education and training activities, such as a charter school, a tutorial academy, and programs for English as a Second Language (ESL), General Educational Development (GED), and computer training.


LONG BEACH COMMUNITY SERVICES                                                                       Long Beach, CA
Chief Technology Officer                                                                                       Jan 2002 - July 2003

·   Developed technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals.
·   Discovered and implemented new technologies that yield competitive advantage.
·   Prepared budgets and implemented them as well as strategized for successful project completion.
.   Oversaw and managed staff, personnel, and services.

FLEXTRONICS INC.                                                                                                 Santa Fe Springs, CA
Senior Network Consultant                                                                                   Jan 2001 - Dec 2001

·   Liaised in the designing and optimization (PCS-1900 GSM based) overlay for AWS (AT&T Wireless Services) - under contract through Nokia. This Design included the link budget verification, system configuration determination, and frequency planning. This network deployment encompassed the first 1100 sites in the city of Los Angeles and neighboring suburbs. Additionally, the network overlay included design considerations of the existing TDMA IS-136 network.
·   Lead and Supervised a team of 4 RF Design and Associate level engineers.
·   Created Internet domains and kept them functioning, adding extra servers and software as needed to manage traffic flow.
·   Served as a trusted IT advisor in empowering clients to Win with IT by recommending new technologies and solutions that proactively support and grow client environments.

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES INC.                                                                               Huntington Beach, CA
Wireless Engineer/Technical Consultant                                                          July 1997 to Oct 2000

·   Planned, budgeted, and organized major communication systems and improved Auto plex/PCSC activity in the Southern California market.
·   Designed, implemented, tested, and documented functionality based on business requirements.
·   Analyzed the company's IT system and infrastructure, as well as diagnosed IT system problems, inefficiencies, and weaknesses.
·   Preparing new software systems and modules for making the work easier for various departments.

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES INC.                                                                                    Oklahoma City, OK
Production Control Supervisor                                                                           May 1994 - July 1997

·   Implemented automated manufacturing, planning, and forecast systems that resulted in dramatic delivery performance improvements and reduced write-offs.
·   Evaluated written data, such as job orders, product specifications and operations sheets, parts and materials inventory lists, and machine and worker production rates, to establish efficient allocation and scheduling of parts, materials, machines, and sequences of operations and workflow.
·   Created and revised systems and procedures by analyzing operating practices, record-keeping systems, forms of control, and budgetary and personnel requirements; implementing change.

AT&T TECHNOLOGIES INC.                                                                                         Oklahoma City, OK
Switching and Computer Technologist                                                               July 1983 - May 1994

·   Tested and maintained all No. 5 Electronic Switching Systems units in 5E Test Bed areas.
·   Tested and maintained all 3B Minicomputer units in 3B Test Bed areas.
·   Set up hardware, as well as installed and configured software and drivers.
·   Maintained and repairing technological equipment (e.g., routers) or peripheral devices, as well as troubleshoot system failures or bugs and provide solutions to restore functionality.