James Bac Dang

Fort Worth, TX



  • University and college professor with 34+ years of experience (407 courses / 1221 credit hours) teaching computer science, pre-engineering, mathematics, physics, management information systems, and related fields.

  • Twenty years technical consultant, material management, technical supervisor, and wireless engineer in the communications industry with a broad background in digital switching systems, Autoplex Personal Communication Systems, RF, and GSM.

  • One and half years Community services in a variety of education and training activities, including a Charter school, computer training, ESL, and GED programs, a tutorial academy and energy education program.

  • Connect with me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-dang-ms-mba-med-dba-b466a117/


TARRANT COUNTY COLLEGE                                                                                             Arlington, TX

Professor of Computer Science                                                                           Aug 2003 – Present

I am tasked with teaching:

· Business Computer Application          · Incident Response and Handling
· Internet/Web Page Development            · Security Assessment & Auditing
· Advanced Web Programming           · Window Programming Visual Basic
· C Language          · Engineering Mechanics – Static
· Introduction to C# Language           · Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics
· Introduction to Database           · College Algebra
· Introduction PC Operating Systems
          · Plane Trigonometry
· Personal Computer Hardware
          · Elementary Statistical Methods
. Programming Fundamentals I and II           · Calculus I and II
· Computer Organization          · General College Physics I and II

CYPRESS COLLEGE                                                                                                              Cypress,CA
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science                                                                Jan 2001 - May 2003

Taught Java Programming and C++ Programming

GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE                                                                                     Huntington Beach, CA
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science                                                                Jan 1999 - May 2003

Taught C++ Language and Java Language.

SANTA ANA COLLEGE                                                                                                       Santa Ana, CA
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science                                                                Jan 1998 - May 2003

Taught FORTRAN 77, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, Perl Language, and Java Language.

LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE                                                                                        Long Beach, CA
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science                                                                 Oct 2000 - Jun 2001

Taught Operating Systems & Computer Programming C++.

COASTLINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                                                        Fountain Valley, CA
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Application System                                             Jan 1998 - May 2000

Taught Microsoft Office 97 Level I, II, & III, Web Page Design I & II, FrontPage Web Design.

ORANGE COAST COLLEGE                                                                                            Costa Mesa, CA
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science                                                                Jan 1998 – Dec 1998

Taught Beginning COBOL, C++ Language, DOS Utilities, and C Language.

OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Oklahoma City, OK
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science                                                                 May 1990 - July 1997

Taught Computer Hardware and Software.

.  Digital Design                                     .  Assembly Language                  .  Circuit Analysis
.  Microcomputers                                  . COBOL Language                     .  Data base
.  Introduction to Computers                  . Computer Security                      .  C Language
.  Java Language                                  .  Computer Structure                    . Discrete Mathematics

OKLAHOMA CITY COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                                                Oklahoma City, OK

Adjunct Faculty of Engineering and Physics                                                      Jan 1995 - May 1997

While employed here, I taught.

.  College Physics                    .  Rigid Body Mechanics                            .  Engineering Physics
.  Electrical Science                 .  Introduction to Engineering

LANGSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                                    Langston, OK

Facilitator of MIS and Quantitative Methods                                                     May 1989 - May 1990

My job description included teaching.

. Business Statistics     .  Introduction to Computers                   .  Management Information Systems
. Business Policy          . Quantitative Methods for Business      .  Microcomputer System Development

PARK UNIVERSITY                                                                                                           Tinker AFB, OK

Adjunct Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science                                  Aug 1987 - May 1989

My job description included teaching.

. Basic Statistics                           . Calculus I, II, and IIII                     . Differential Equations
. C Language                               . Discrete Mathematics                  . Programming Language
. C++ Language                           . Networking                                   . Database Management
. Data Communication                  . ADA Language                            . COBOL Language
. Assembly Language                   . Human Ecology                           . Artificial Intelligence

OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY - OKC                                                                     Oklahoma City, OK

Adjunct Faculty of Electronic Engineering Technology                                   Aug 1987 - May 1989

I taught Digital Logic, Fundamentals of Electricity, Electronic Computers, and Maintenance of Microcomputer Systems.